Monday, October 1, 2012

Lovin' The New Bathroom

My husband started ripping up our master bathroom at the beginning of July. Now, after using our dinky little hallway bathroom, and our basement bathroom for 2 whole months, I am happy to say that it is finally finished!!! This is a before picture of what the cabinets, counter top, and floor looked like.

Just your plain old light maple cabinets, white laminate counter top, and white tile floor.  This is what it looks like now :)

We painted the cabinets a dark brown, added a frame around the mirrow, put handles on the cabinets, and added a granite top.

This was actually done with large granite tiles. They are so close together, you can barely see the caulk lines. This whole counter cost us about $50 bucks! Way less than buying one big slab.

We also ripped out our old white plastic shower, and added tile all the way to the ceiling, new faucets, and a new glass door.
We added a little bench that is perfect for shaving legs
We also put new tile on the floor
And don't forget the decorations.... I absolutely love Rod Works!!!  I am so proud of how hard my hubby worked to make this bathroom look amazing!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Amazing Baby Shower!

A while back a friend of mine and I threw a baby boy shower for our best friend, Lara. They had been trying to get pregnant for years, so we were soooo excited that it finally happened for them. We may have gone a little overboard....or should I say my best friend, Sarah, might have taken it to the extreme. She is super talented when it comes to the party planning thing. It turned out so fabulous, and we loved every minute of it.

Turquoise and Brown was the color scheme. I just love this set up. Love the sticks in the vases too.

Yes, that's right....that's a bird hanging from my ceiling on a stick. How original?

Crepe paper puff cute!

This was on my entry was table. Inside the jar was a gift for everyone to take as they left. They are little bird nests with blue robbin eggs inside, and a thank you note.

Personalized cake made to look just like our friend Lara on top.

A closer look of my pregnant friend. Made out of cake fondant. Look at the little purse on the side :)

I somehow forgot to take a picture of all the yummy food that we had there too. Let's just say that no one went away hungry, that's for sure. So happy to say that my friend Lara is now a proud mommy of a little boy & just recently a baby girl. What a great day to remember!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yea For More Closet Space

Let's start with a little background. My husband and I built our starter home 11 years ago.   It served our purpose then just fine....but since then we have added 3 boys and a lot more stuff! We needed to upgrade, organize, and add more space. One of our many projects was the master closets. Can you say NO ROOM! I really, really wanted a walk in closet, so my hubby gave me the next best organized closet.

So much more space! Sorry I didn't get a "Before" picture, but just imagine your typical closet with one long rod from side to side.  This is SO much better than that! The hubs is so talented...and it shockingly only took him a few trips to his favorite store, Home Depot ( I seriously can't get him out of that place :)